Build trust in your businessís security with a comprehensive, hacker-style pentest.

Fix every single vulnerability before it devastates your business and achieve your compliance goals, with our all-encompassing Pentests.


BE STEADY and Don't RISK Privacy

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is a essential part of how your customers use products, so you need an efficient way to manage it without putting the data at risk. This requires you to re-think how your PII data is stored and used. Also contact us for HIPAA, FERPA, COPPA, GDPR compliance advice.

Meet us: protect your sensitive data without losing its utility. Sign up for a demo to learn how we are different.


We offer following pentests:


→ Mobile app pentesting

→ API testing

→ Web app pentesting

→ Cloud Security pentesting

→ Network/ DMZ/ Perimeter security pentest

→ IoT, SCADA/ICS pentest

→ Social Engineering pentest (remotely)

→ Phishing tests



We provide above services in these ways:


→ Black-box pentesting (real-world simulated cyberattack)

→ Grey-box pentesting 

→ White-box pentesting (Employee/Admin insider attack)


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